As a florist, every wedding I work on holds a special place in my heart. One unforgettable event was at Monti At 1-Pavilion Italian Restaurant and Rooftop Bar. Its an Italian restaurant with a spectacular view of Singapore’s skyline, stands out. This two-part celebration was a tale of love, beginning with a sunrise ceremony outdoors and transitioning to an indoor reception, all adorned with captivating floral arrangements. It was indeed creating wedding magic at Monti, making it truly enchanting.

Part 1: A Sunrise to Remember – The Ceremony

But our floral artistry didn’t stop at the arch. We designed enchanting aisle decorations that guided the bride down a path of love and dreams. These decorations featured floor hedges and beautiful mason jar centrepieces, creating a romantic atmosphere that was as timeless as the love story we were celebrating. The couple’s chairs were also adorned with floral touches.

Our circular arch of fresh flower arrangements framed the couple as they exchanged their vows against the backdrop of the rising sun and the gorgeous city skyline, making it a truly magical moment.


Part 2: An Indoor Wonderland – The Reception After the heartfelt exchange of vows and the joyous celebration of the sunrise wedding, it was time to transition to the indoor wedding reception.

Monti At 1-Pavilion - peach, brown and white-7

We ensured that the reception tables were elegantly adorned with tall vase centrepieces and table centrepieces, all meticulously crafted with an artistic eye for detail. Mason jar centrepieces were added for a touch of rustic floral charm, transparent tall vase centrepieces showcased the height of elegance. The reception space was transformed into a captivating floral wonderland, where the love story continued to bloom.

But that wasn’t all. The moment when the newlyweds sat together was a highlight of the reception. Their seats were beautifully decorated with floral arrangements and decorations, symbolising the love and unity they had found in each other.

It was an event filled with laughter, dancing, and cherished moments. The wedding package also included actual day wedding photography, ensuring that every unforgettable moment was beautifully captured, ensuring that the memories would be cherished for a lifetime. This wedding at Monti was a testament to the magic of love and flowers, and I was honoured to be a part of it. In conclusion, this wedding at Monti, with its two distinct parts, was a testament to the power of love and the magic that can be created with flowers. As a wedding florist in Singapore, it’s moments like these that remind me why I’m passionate about my work. This beautiful celebration, with its sunrise ceremony and indoor reception, truly exemplified the enduring beauty and significance of weddings, and I was honoured to be a part of it.

If you’re planning your special day and looking for a wedding florist who can turn your dreams into reality, remember that love, like flowers, only grows more beautiful with time. Explore our wedding packages or enquire now for personalised assistance, and let’s create your own love-filled story. 

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