A Tiffany Blue Wedding at Chapel at Imaginarium

This is my second wedding arrangement at the Chapel at Imaginarium.

Before I met Isabelle during a weekday lunch for the first time, we have been discussing basic layouts for her wedding deco over Whatsapp. I prepared an updated comprehensive portfolio of previous assignments before we met – this is to boost confidence for first time meetings like this. ?

Isabelle wanted a Tiffany blue, wedding one of the most popular theme colours. We discussed how to subtly integrate the theme color into the wedding.

Chapel at Imaginarium- Tiffany blue wedding- 1

For the secondary color we can choose ivory, white, light brown, or even pale pink to match tiffany blue, which adds an element of layering, making the whole atmosphere more fresh and romantic.

From the runner on the table, the ribbons of the glass bottles, the cloth of the chair and to the wedding arch, one can incorporate the desired theme. All of these things need to be bought in advance. If a brides wants a uniquely different wedding, I recommend starting the planning at least 3 to 6 months before the actual day.

The Chapel at Imaginarium’s chair cushion is gold, so I chose to use the low-legged golden vase for the solemnization table, which looks gorgeous.

We chose to decorate the wooden arch with tiffany blue and white gauze as pat of the tiffany blue theme. The Bible verse backdrop was provided by the bride.

An arch like this can not only placed at the entrance of the ceremony, but can also be used as one of the main background of the stage. In addition to being used as the main background, a wedding arch is also the best place for guests to take pictures. Since it’s such a centrepiece for a wedding, it must be well refined before it is put in place, and we spent a lot of effort ensuring it’s perfect.

The arch can be decorated not only with flowers, but also with wooden boxes, wooden logs, lace cloth, lantern, etc., giving it a natural feel.

There are many small details that need to be looked into. For example, couple chair flowers, table centerpiece, etc. – don’t underestimate these little things, with them you can make your wedding deco look truly complete.

The arch is placed on the stage with the solemnization table, used as one of the main backgrounds of the stage.

The Chapel at Imaginarium all ready for the wedding of Deroy and Isabel – A Tiffany Blue Wedding, all done by 5 Stones Florist. ?

Congrats once again Deroy and Isabel ❤️

Main Flowers: Roses (Ivory, Snow pink), Eustomas
Fillers: Blue Eryngium, Baby-breath, Freesia, Limonium
Greens: Eucalyptus
Arch: Custom made with faux floral

Venue Wedding Package

1 x fresh flowers arrangement for solemnization table/ signing table
20 x VIP chair decor

20 x Small centerpiece for guest’s table

1 x Faux petals (tiffany blue)- along the aisle seats

Add-on items:

1 x wedding wooden arch with theme colour clothes

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Photos credit to 5 Stones Photo

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