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Ang Mo Kio Gospel Hall

The “Ang Mo Kio Gospel Hall Wedding” theme harmoniously blends rustic and traditional elements, enveloping the venue in a warm and inviting ambiance. For floral arrangements, we selected native and wildflowers like roses, wax flower, baby’s breath, spray carnation, limonium, alstroemeria and eucalyptus and ferns, evoking a rustic and simplistic charm. Delicate roses in soft pastel pink hues added a romantic touch to the decor.

In a nod to tradition, a vintage wooden wedding sign served as a unique display, adding a nostalgic touch to the decor. This captivating element acted as both a focal point and a conversation starter, enriching the rustic and traditional ambiance of the wedding.

In the church ceremony, the flower arrangements beautifully adorned the altar, radiating gentle elegance. Subtle pew decorations, featuring ivory ribbons with hints of pink, added a touch of understated charm to the aisle. This enchanting theme enveloped the ceremony in a soft, ethereal ambiance, creating cherished memories for both the couple and their guests.

To achieve a cohesive look, we elegantly used white sashes to embellish various elements, including flower stands, and table centerpieces.

The long and low table centerpiece for the signing table follows the wedding theme colors with different tones of pink.

In conclusion, every detail, from the wedding car to the floral selections and bridal bouquet, was thoughtfully chosen to seamlessly incorporate rustic and traditional elements, resulting in a celebration that exuded charm and authenticity.

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