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Bethesda Pasir Ris Mission Church

A “Peach, white and Cream Wedding” is a delightful and romantic theme characterized by soft, warm, and inviting colors.

In east of Singapore, at the Bethesda Pasir Ris Mission Church, a love story unfolds amidst the serene beauty of a “Peach, white and Cream Wedding.” This romantic and timeless theme infuses the sacred ceremony with soft, warm, and inviting colors.

The decoration begins he long and low table centerpiece for the signing table follows the wedding theme colors with different type of flowers.

With the bridal and groom chairs, which are simple wooden school chairs. We adorned them with floral garlands and white sashes, transforming them into elegant and beautiful couple chairs.

The church’s interior is transformed into a vision of elegance as red chairs, adorned with white sashes, are thoughtfully arranged for guests. This juxtaposition of passionate red and pure white signifies the bride and groom’s unity, their love’s ardor, and the purity of their commitment.

As guests walk down the aisle, they are greeted by breath taking floral arrangements. Peach and cream flowers take center stage, embodying the theme’s warmth, love, and elegance. Roses, Alstroemeria, carnation spray, Brunia Silver, baby’s breath, Ernygium and Eucalyptus, combine to create a lush, romantic ambiance, symbolizing the blossoming love between the couple.

The celebration continues at the reception, where the same floral theme adorns a beautifully decorated table. The flowers serve as a reminder of the couple’s blossoming love and the beauty of their union.

A custom gift box, placed on display, awaits well-wishes and tokens of love, symbolizing the couple’s journey together and the treasures of their shared future.



At the heart of the ceremony, a magnificent table centerpiece steals the show. A golden vase, symbolizing prosperity, cradles a stunning arrangement of fresh, vibrant blooms. This centerpiece adds opulence and bursts of color, beautifully mirroring the vibrancy of the couple’s love.

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