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Bukit Batok Presbyterian Church

 A Chic Wedding Color Scheme of Light Pink and Tiffany Blue Wedding, Creating Elegance and Romance.

Nestled in the west of Singapore, a church wedding at Bukit Batok Presbyterian Church becomes a celebration of love, faith, and devotion. The “Light Pink and Tiffany Blue” wedding color theme for this special day blends sophistication with romance, highlighted by thoughtful details and exquisite decorations.

As guests arrive at the reception area, they are greeted by a charming welcome signage that sets the tone for the festivities, beautifully reflecting the overall theme and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

A customized wooden wedding sign with floral decorations added a unique, nostalgic touch to the decor. This eye-catching piece served as a focal point and conversation starter, enhancing the chic wedding atmosphere

At the reception, a table is adorned with personalized decor, showcasing a delightful array of photos, props, and custom-designed centerpieces that narrate the couple’s unique love story.

A customized gift box stands ready to receive well-wishes and tokens of love, symbolizing the couple’s journey and the treasures of their shared future.

Guests walk on a dark blue carpet, symbolizing trust and loyalty. Inside the church, pews are decorated with Tiffany blue ribbons and pink roses with delicate fillers, creating an enchanting contrast with the blue elements. The pink blooms, representing gratitude and admiration, add warmth and reflect the couple’s affection.

A silver tall vase takes center stage as a remarkable table centerpiece, adorned with a stunning floral arrangement. The carefully selected blooms evoke love, purity, and harmony, underscoring the ceremony’s sanctity. The church is adorned with wedding flower arrangements that echo the theme’s elegance and romance. These flowers symbolize the beauty of love in full bloom, highlighting the day’s significance.


A wedding at Bukit Batok Presbyterian Church is more than just a ceremony; it’s a journey of love and faith, surrounded by thoughtful details and exquisite decor. The blue carpet, pink roses, tiffany blue accents, silver vases, and personalized touches come together to create an unforgettable day filled with warmth, beauty, and love.

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