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A “Garden or Botanical Wedding” is a celebration of love set against the backdrop of lush greenery, blooming flowers, and the serene beauty of the outdoors.

Botanical Wedding

At Calvary Baptist Church, the serene charm of a Garden or Botanical-themed wedding creates a magical atmosphere. Here, two hearts unite amidst the beauty of nature.

As guests enter the church, they are welcomed by a white carpet symbolizing the purity of the couple’s journey. The aisle is lined with red chairs adorned with long ivory ribbons, adding a touch of elegance. Each pew is decorated with Eucalyptus populus, filling the air with its refreshing scent and enhancing the botanical theme.

The couple’s chairs are adorned with fresh Eucalyptus populus, adding a natural touch and a burst of freshness.


The stage features a central solemnization table decorated with a long and low centerpiece of white roses and dark peach carnations, adding romance and elegance. This arrangement beautifully represents the couple’s union.

Bridesmaids’ bouquets and groomsmen’s boutonnieres are designed to match the wedding’s color scheme, featuring ivory roses, baby’s breath, and  Eucalyptus. These accessories complement the bridal party’s attire and the overall theme.

This Garden or Botanical-themed wedding at Calvary Baptist Church blends nature’s beauty with the sacred celebration of love. The mix of vibrant reds, serene ivories, and refreshing greens creates an enchanting setting, showcasing how love blossoms beautifully when nurtured with care.

A vibrant Garden Wedding

At Calvary Baptist Church, two souls unite in holy matrimony surrounded by nature’s vibrant colors. This wedding is a celebration of love, passion, and tenderness, highlighted by hues of red, pink, white and peach.

Guests are welcomed by a white carpet, symbolizing the purity journey of love. As they make their way towards the altar, their anticipation is heightened by the sight of the aisle seats adorned with red chairs. 

The long and low table centerpiece for the signing table follows the wedding theme colors with different type of flowers.


At the reception, a table is adorned with personalized decor, showcasing a delightful array of photos, props, and custom-designed centerpieces that narrate the couple’s unique love story.

The bride, radiant and beautiful, carries a bouquet that echoes the wedding’s color palette. Her bouquet is a harmonious blend of bright and soft pink, white and peach blooms, symbolizing love, romance, and optimism.

In the embrace of Calvary Baptist Church, this wedding becomes a vivid and poignant celebration of love. The pink, white and peach elements, from the elegant aisle decor to the bridal bouquet, create an atmosphere that radiates the warmth of affection and the intensity of passion, making this day a truly memorable and cherished occasion.

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