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Cathedral of the Good Shepherd - White

Step into a realm of timeless elegance at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd in Singapore, where weddings unfold in the serene beauty of white and green florals. This celebration, inspired by a bride who loves the simplicity of white roses, is a tribute to classic romance.

We selected a beautiful array of flowers including roses, eustomas, carnations, hydrangeas, and matthiolas, each chosen for their grace. Delicate fillers like spray roses, spray carnations, and baby’s breath create an ethereal look. The lush greenery, featuring ruscus, ferns, eucalyptus, and tropical leaves, adds a touch of natural elegance.

As you walk down the aisle, you’ll be captivated by 18 alternate pew posies leading you to the altar. The celebration continues with a long and low centerpiece on the signing table and a centerpiece at the reception area, each radiating understated beauty.


Our exclusive bridal flowers package includes a bespoke bridal bouquet, boutonnière, and car decoration, all designed to match the enchanting white and green wedding theme.


Let 5 Stones Florist help you create beautiful wedding decorations. Contact us for a customized bridal flowers package in Singapore at an affordable price, and let the timeless elegance of fresh floral arrangements adorn your special day. Explore the charm of rustic bouquets and more with us, your trusted floral artisan.

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