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Cathedral of the Good Shepherd - Pastel Pink and White

Nestled within the historic grandeur of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, a Pastel Pink and White Wedding unfolds in an atmosphere of timeless beauty and grace. Here, the union of two souls is celebrated amidst the gentle charm of soft colors.

As guests step into the cathedral, their eyes are immediately drawn to a fully decorated wedding arch adorned with fresh pastel pink and white flowers. This magnificent archway welcomes them, and its floral splendor symbolizes the love blossoming between the bride and groom.

The aisle seats are elegantly tied with white sashes, which beautifully contrast with the long ivy leaves that drape gracefully, signifying the everlasting nature of their love.

At the heart of the ceremony, a long and low centerpiece takes center stage. It features a delicate arrangement of white and soft pink roses, embellished with fragrant baby’s breath. This centerpiece not only enhances the cathedral’s already breathtaking architecture but also symbolizes the love and tenderness shared by the couple.

The couple’s chairs are lovingly adorned with decor that mirrors the color scheme, creating a romantic backdrop for their special moment. These gentle touches further reinforce the pastel pink and white theme.

The bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonnière are a harmonious blend of pink peonies, ivory and soft pink roses, white wax flower, spray roses, and Kochia silver leaves. These carefully curated arrangements perfectly complement the wedding’s color palette and bring a sense of elegance to the bridal party’s attire.

In the sacred space of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, this Pastel Pink and White Wedding becomes a celebration of love amidst an aura of timeless charm. The delicate pastel hues symbolize the purity of their union and the grace of their commitment, creating a day filled with beauty, serenity, and love.

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