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Church of Divine Mercy

A celebration of love unfolded at the breathtaking Church of Divine Mercy, as a beautiful church wedding graced the hearts of all in attendance.

The color palette for this enchanting event was a dreamy blend of pastel pink, peach, and white, setting the stage for a romantic and elegant affair. Guests were welcomed by a wooden arch adorned with fresh flowers, a symbol of the couple’s blossoming love.


Aisle seats were elegantly tied with white sashes, intertwined with long ivy leaves, creating a lush and inviting pathway for the bride’s grand entrance.

The church’s interior was transformed into a serene haven with long and low centerpieces featuring delicate peach, pink, and white roses, complemented by sprigs of baby’s breath. These arrangements added a touch of timeless beauty to the sacred space. As the couple exchanged their vows, their chairs were adorned with the same color scheme, embodying the unity of their hearts.


The bride held a bouquet of soft pink, peach, and ivory roses, and dainty spray roses, all framed by delicate leaves. Meanwhile, the groom wore a boutonnière that echoed the bouquet’s enchanting blend. This Church of Divine Mercy wedding was a vision of love and serenity, where every detail, from the floral decorations to the color scheme, came together to create a day that will forever be etched in the memories of the bride, groom, and all who had the honor of witnessing their special day.

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