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Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace- Pastel Pink, Blue and Purple

At the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace, a stunning church wedding took place, featuring a delicate and soothing color palette of pastel pink, purple and blue. This ethereal combination created a serene and elegant atmosphere, setting the stage for a truly memorable celebration.

The aisle was gracefully lined with seats adorned with white sashes and trailing ivy leaves, creating a path of purity and grace for the bride’s entrance. It set the stage for the couple’s special moment when they would unite in love and faith. 

The signing table featured a centerpiece that combined delicate purple and soft pink roses with light blue hydrangeas. Fillers of light purple statice, pinpong, spray roses, baby’s breath, and Eucalyptus further enriched the arrangement.

The long bench-style chairs for the couple were adorned with a wedding garland, seamlessly matching the color scheme. It was a beautiful representation of the unity and love shared by the bride and groom.

The bridal bouquet, boutonnière, bridesmaid’s posies and bridal car decoration were thoughtfully crafted to reflect the same color palette, using a blend of light purple and light blue blooms, ensuring that the couple was in perfect harmony with their surroundings. Even the bridal car joined in, dressed in the same delightful color scheme, marking the couple’s journey into a new chapter of their lives.

This Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace wedding was a vision of serenity and love. Every detail, from the floral decorations to the color scheme, was a testament to the couple’s commitment to one another, creating a day that will forever be etched in the memories of those who were fortunate to witness their union.

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