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Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace- Red Pink and Peach

The Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace played host to a magnificent church wedding that celebrated the union of two souls in a striking red, pastel pink, and white color palette. This remarkable event was marked by an array of captivating floral arrangements and decorations that filled the church with love, grace, and timeless beauty.


Inside the church, a pair of elegant aisle flower stands, similarly adorned with fresh blooms, led the way to rows of seats tied with white sashes and trailing ivy leaves. The striking contrast of pastel pink, white, and vibrant red created an atmosphere of romance and deep emotions.



 The reception tables were adorned with a mix of props and fresh flowers, carrying the same color scheme, while long and low centerpieces showcased red, pink and white roses, accented by baby’s breath and fragrant Eucalyptus leaves. The blend of colors and textures added an air of timelessness and sophistication.

The couple’s love was beautifully represented by the long bench-style chairs, which were lovingly adorned with a wedding garland featuring the chosen colors. And the grand finale, the bridal car, was resplendent in the same color scheme, reflecting the couple’s journey into this new chapter of their lives.

This Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace wedding, with its red, pastel pink, and white theme, was a true celebration of love, with every detail lovingly designed to create an atmosphere of beauty, elegance, and heartfelt emotions. It was a day to be cherished and remembered for a lifetime.

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