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Church of the Risen Christ


Celebrating a church wedding at the Church of the Risen Christ is a splendid choice for couples looking for a sacred and serene venue. This beautiful church offers a serene and spiritual setting that is perfect for a significant and memorable union.

For a “Pink” themed wedding, the Church of the Risen Christ provides an exquisite backdrop. The tasteful interior harmonize perfectly with the chosen color scheme. It creates an atmosphere that is not only visually appealing but also spiritually uplifting.

The selection of flowers, including soft pink roses, Diana pink roses, carnations, light pink hydrangeas, gerbera daisies, eustomas, alstroemeria, matthiola, and various fillers, brings an aura of natural beauty to the church. These blooms symbolize love, gratitude, and joy, enhancing the romantic ambiance of the ceremony. The use of greenery such as ruscus, ferns, and Eucalyptus adds a touch of freshness and complements the pink flowers beautifully. The flower decorations are not confined to the ceremony area; they extend throughout the church.

A welcome signage with fresh flower garland decorations invites and charms the guests, setting the tone for the occasion.

Inside the church, the pews and chairs are thoughtfully adorned with delicate posies and crisp white sashes, creating an atmosphere of grace and comfort for all in attendance.

The altar is adorned with exquisite floral arrangements that draw the eye and symbolize the beauty of the occasion. A long and low centerpiece graces the signing table, and a fully decorated wooden wedding arch serves as a striking focal point for the ceremony.

A wooden floral arch, adorned with an abundance of fresh flowers, welcomes guests as they walk into the hall of the church, every corner of the church reflects the chosen color scheme.

Celebrating your wedding at the Church of the Risen Christ offers a magnificent venue that combines spirituality and beauty. The choice of a “Pink” theme with carefully selected flowers creates a romantic, elegant, and memorable celebration.

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