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Gospel Light Christian Church Wedding Decoration

Step into a world of enchanting hues at Gospel Light Christian Church, where the wedding dreams of a radiant bride, immersed in the warmth of pink and peach, come to life. Seeking simplicity with a touch of coziness, she envisions a celebration that speaks to the heart. We’ve crafted a delightful setting starting with a pair of flower stands adorning the stage. The aisle becomes a floral pathway with 18 alternate pew posies, elegantly tied with white sashes, creating an ambiance of pure romance. The bride and groom’s chairs garland floral, symbolizing their union with the gentle tones of pink and peach. As the celebration unfolds, a long and low centerpiece graces the signing table, offering a focal point for heartfelt vows. Extend the charm to the reception and photos tables, adorned with props, an angbao box (gift box), and fresh flower table centerpieces, creating an atmosphere of pure elegance. Explore the ease of wedding planning with our exclusive bridal flowers package, featuring a bespoke bridal bouquet, boutonnière, and car decoration, perfectly harmonized with the enchanting pink and peach theme. At 5stonesflorist, we invite you to connect with us and unlock the possibilities of beautiful wedding decorations in Singapore, tailored to your vision and budget. Let the floral journey of your special day begin with us.

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