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JW Marriott Singapore wedding staircase decoration - Pastel and Colourful

Celebrating your wedding at the JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach is an exquisite choice, offering an enchanting backdrop for your special day. The hotel’s elegant and luxurious ambiance perfectly complements a pastel and colorful wedding color scheme, creating an atmosphere of timeless beauty and sophistication. The carefully curated floral arrangements by 5 Stones Florist are a testament to the hotel’s commitment to making your day unforgettable. Roses, eustomas, carnations, hydrangeas, alstroemerias, and matthiolas form a stunning ensemble of blooms, their soft and vibrant colors enhancing the romantic mood. Starting from the entrance, a magnificent staircase is transformed into a floral wonderland. You can opt for a full garland floral decoration or clusters of fresh flowers on the staircase handrail, creating an inviting path for your guests. Additionally, two floor hedges further elevate the entrance, setting the tone for a grand and memorable celebration. Inside the ballroom, the attention to detail continues. The couple’s chairs are adorned with fresh floral garlands, while a posy for the chairs of witnesses adds a personal touch. A centerpiece on the signing table provides an elegant focal point for this important part of your ceremony. Your reception table can be enhanced with the addition of your photos and props, creating a welcoming and personalized atmosphere for your guests. What sets JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach apart is the ability to offer custom wedding packages that cater to your unique vision, all while remaining an affordable choice among wedding florists in Singapore. The combination of this luxurious venue and 5 Stones Florist’s expertise in creating a vibrant, pastel, and colorful wedding atmosphere ensures that your special day will be truly unforgettable.

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