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Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church Wedding Decoration

Step into a realm of delicate romance at Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church, where the air is filled with the soft fragrance of pink and white blooms, echoing the bride’s vision for a pastel-colored celebration. Envision the bride and groom seated amidst a floral masterpiece, thanks to the exquisite floral garland that graces their wooden chairs, creating a picturesque setting for their union. As you walk down the aisle, be enchanted by the simplicity and grace of 18 roses pew posies, each delicately tied with white sashes, setting the tone for a tender and intimate ceremony. The signing table is adorned with a long and low centerpiece, while the reception table features a captivating arrangement that complements the soft pink and white theme. Elevate your wedding experience with our exclusive bridal flowers package, offering a bespoke bridal bouquet, boutonnière, and car decoration, all thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the serene color scheme. At 5stonesflorist, we invite you to explore a world of personalized and affordable wedding floral packages in Singapore. Contact us to begin your journey to a dreamlike celebration, where soft pink and white florals whisper tales of eternal love.

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