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St Anne’s Church Wedding Decoration

Immerse yourself in a haven of romance at St Anne’s Church, where the ethereal palette of pastel pink and pristine white unfolds in a breathtaking floral symphony. Our radiant bride envisioned a celebration that exuded timeless elegance with a touch of modern charm. 

Begin your journey through a flower-adorned entrance, marked by a pair of graceful stands on either side of the march-in path. A magnificent arch, adorned with fresh blossoms, graces the midpoint, inviting guests to step into the enchanting world of love. Aisle decorations feature 18 pew posies delicately tied with white sashes and accented by delicate ivy leaves, creating a celestial pathway for the bride’s entrance. 

As the vows are exchanged, a captivating table centerpiece awaits at the signing table, complementing the bridal and groom’s long bench, an embodiment of the couple’s shared journey. 

Extend the enchantment beyond the hall with an artful reception table, where carefully curated props, an angbao box, and a fresh flower centerpiece set the stage for joyous celebrations. Our bride and groom embraced the allure of our bridal flowers package, featuring a bespoke bridal bouquet, boutonnière, and car decoration meticulously crafted to harmonize with the pastel pink and white theme. 

5stonesflorist welcomes you to explore our personalized and affordable wedding floral packages in Singapore. Contact us to transform your wedding dreams into reality, guided by the delicate hues of pastel pink and white blossoms.

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