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The Church of the Holy Family Wedding Decoration

Embark on a celestial journey at The Church of the Holy Family, where the union of fresh whites and calming baby blues paints the canvas of a dreamlike wedding. Our bride, enchanted by the purity of fresh flowers, envisioned a wedding immersed in white and baby blue hues. Elevate the romance with a floral garland embracing the bride and groom’s wooden chairs, adorned with tiffany blue long ribbons for an exquisite touch. Traverse the aisle amidst 18 roses pew posies delicately tied with white sashes, seamlessly harmonizing with the enchanting tiffany blue theme. Witness the signing table adorned with a long and low centerpiece, while the reception table is transformed into a vision of elegance with a mesmerizing arrangement. A welcome signage at the hall’s entrance sets the tone for the blissful celebration. Opt for our exclusive bridal flowers package, offering a bespoke bridal bouquet, boutonnière, and car decoration, perfectly aligned with the enchanting white and blue theme. At 5stonesflorist, we invite you to explore our range of personalized and affordable wedding floral packages in Singapore. Contact us to bring your vision to life, creating a bespoke celebration infused with the timeless allure of white and blue florals.

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